Iyambaze Malayika murinzi wawe (à l’Ange gardien)

Umunyarwanda yaravuze ati : “Uwambaye ikirezi ntamenya ko kera”. Muri iyi si, yemwe no mu buzima bw’iteka, muntu nta na rimwe aba ari wenyine. Akikijwe n’ibiremwa buroho, bimwitaho kandi bikamuba hafi. Muri ibyo biremwa byose bimukikije, muntu afitemo incuti rudasumbwa babana, bahorana, bishimana, akababazwa n’uko muntu arindagira, ariko ibyo ntibimuce intege. Uwo ni uwo twita “Malayika murinzi”. Iyo ncuti irebera muntu mu byiza no mu byo ashobora kugeraho. Ijambo rye rihora ari iryo kubwira muntu ngo “Komera, turi kumwe, nta kidasanzwe kibaye. Kuva ugihumeka, uri ishusho y’Imana. Yishakishe, amaze ukomeze urugendo”. Malayika murinzi adufasha kugira ubuzima bw’ibyishimo kabone n’iyo twaba turi mu mibabaro. Amaherezo, uwo mumalayika azaducyura mu buzima bw’iteka. Na none icyo dusabwa, ni ukumwumvira, kumenya ko turi kumwe, no gukurikiza inama ze. Akora ku buryo butagaragara ariko bukomeye cyane. Ntabwo akoresha imbara, nyamara inama ze ntiziretsa. Ubundi abakristu bamwisunga muri iri sengesho : “Malayika nahawe n’Imana ngo undinde, ujye unyumvisha iby’Imana, ungire inama undengere untegeke”. Na Yezu ubwe yabavuzeho agira ati : “Mwirinde kugira uwo musuzugura muri abo bato; koko rero ndababwira ko mu ijuru abamalayika babo badahwema kureba uruhanga rwa Data wo mu ijuru (Mt 18, 10).



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